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Fuck Buddy Sex Tips
Being a fuck buddy can be a delightful experience. A fuck buddy can become a friend of a sort while you look for Mr or Ms Right. It certainly takes the edge off of one night stands. They don't work for everyone but there are some tips that can help.
Keep Open Minded
A fuck buddy is just that someone for sex only. Don't get too overly involved emotionally. Seeing it as sex for the love of sex is a great attitude that keeps the boundaries where they belong. If your relationship appears to have gone beyond that you need to communicate and see if it's an actual occurence of wishful thinking.
Use Safe Sex
People having any sex are potential exposing themselves to lots of things from unwanted pregnancies to STDs. Use lots of protection ie. condoms with lube, dental dams. Assess the partner and lifestyle if it looks like they indulge in high risk behavior before they even hit the bedroom what might the experience during sex. Pay attention.
Keep All Parties in the Mix
To avoid jealousy all parties should be in the mix. Remember the word buddy. If you want a fuck buddy, be a fuck buddy someone wants to see. A fuck buddy does not mean commitment but it doesn't mean careless attitude either. Respect your buddy and enjoy the benefits of loose strings attached relationship. It can save hours of time cruising personals, and bars. Remember, fuck buddies have their benefits.
Discuss the Terms Beforehand
Laying down the terms is a good practice to follow so boundaries aren't crossed and people feel comfortable afterwards. Also, as noted above, it's important to evaluate the experience aftwards and decide if the fuck buddy sex experience is the right thing to do.

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